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About Shahi Nan Kabab

Shahi nan kabab first opened up in a small shop standing alone on a famous Southall bridge in1972. Our Menu simply consisted of fresh Seekh Kababs and pitta bread. That’s all we did! And that was a huge success with the community that was craving an authentic taste of back home. People used to que up for hours to get the fresh taste of kababs and it is that same freshness and authentic tastes that has been our success for nearly 50 years.

We opened our branch in Luton in 1990. Back then Luton was a small bustling town, with only a handful of Asian Food Shops. The famous shops of the time were Shalimar, Al-Badar, New Ambala, and Mill St Southern fried.

We had a small shop on Leagrave road, with only 8 seats.  People knew us from Southall and loved the authentic taste of the kababs

In 1993 we moved to our current location on Dunstable Road. Over the years we changed the layout numerous times to allow for more of an enjoyable and pleasant experience. We now have a huge hall catering for 70 seats, fully air conditioned and segregated from the open kitchen.

I hope you liked this journey through memory lanes and I hope to create many more with yourselves.

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